The Smarter U.S. Option: A Full Summit with Iran

Smarter US Option

June 2006 – This study draws on lessons from 27 years of U.S. sanctions on Iran and research on what mix of carrots and sticks have resulted in past cases of denuclearization. It argues that the escalating crisis between Iran and the United States belongs on the bilateral summit table, not at the United Nations Security Council.

Months of threats and brinkmanship by both nations illustrate the need for face-to-face, behind-closed-doors diplomacy. The goal of a denuclearized Iran cannot be achieved with sanctions, saber-rattling, or military force. Nor will these strategies lead to an Iran that is friendlier to U.S. interests or help create an Iran that is a more constructive actor for peace and stability. The central recommendation of the report is that the time has come for the United States to invite Iran to a full and wide-ranging summit.

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