Morbidity and Mortality among Iraqi Children from 1990 to 1998

March 1999 – Sustained increases in young child mortality are extremely rare. In Iraq, there have been many reports suggesting a rise in rates of death and disease since the Gulf War of January/February 1991 and the economic sanctions that followed it and continue to this day. There is no agreement, however, on the magnitude of the mortality increase, its causes, who is responsible for these deaths, or how to stop these deaths from happening.

Because the best data and the greatest changes in mortality occur among young children, this report focuses exclusively on deaths among children under five years of age. This report also explores information from 22 field studies, including data from 36 nutritional assessments were reviewed, along with demographic estimates from nine sources, three Iraqi government reports, 10 UN-related reports, and 18 press and research reports.

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