Economic Sanctions: Panacea of Peacebuilding in a Post-Cold War World?

Economic Sanctions

(Westview Press, 1995) Edited by David Cortright and George A. Lopez.

As the challenge of preventing military conflict has become increasingly complex in the post-cold war era, economic sanctions are being applied withgrowing frequency. Sanctions are also being used to enforce international law, to deter aggression and terrorism, to defend democracy and human rights, and to prevent nuclear proliferation.

In Economic Sanctions, edited by David Cortright and George A. Lopez, some of the world’s leading scholars and policymakers critically address questions about the utility, appropriateness, and success or failure of sanctions.

“Here is a comprehensive, in-depth study of many past and quite recent efforts to employ economic sanctions to deal with international conflict. The authors analyze the gap that exists between an as yet limited scholarly knowledge of economic sanctions and the urgent needs of policymakers. This book offers a new agenda for research and dialogue to bridge that gap.” - Alexander L. George, Stanford University

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